The past few years in agriculture, there has been profitability made in crop production agriculture and it looks like the next few years we will be heading into some uncertain times with production agriculture profitability. The margins will become smaller as producers will look at all aspects of their farm operation on ways to stream line their production costs. The importance of an independent voice in a farm operation is essential in deciding what factors and inputs are of best value to the producer. The higher cost of land values and rental rates will have a slower rate of decline than what the commodity values have done in the last 12 months. This has caused many “cash flows” to break even or many farm operations to be losing money in the next few years if the down trend in commodity prices continues.

                The higher commodity values of the past few years has caused some over expenditures related to inputs of our crops because we are always chasing the last few more bushels per acre that product A or B can maybe achieve for us. The independent crop consultant uses unbiased sound research that can help define what products are of value to the grower or which products are the “fluff” that can be taken out of the “input” category in the cash flow of the crop production operation. The importance of being independent is that the crop consultant does not “sell” any products or have any interest in any industry product that comes to market. The independent crop consultant uses unbiased statistical analysis in making good sound agronomic decisions for the producer and is “only” working for the producer that hires him or her.

                The last point I would like to make is that in order to define what is good for your crop farm operation is to have someone that can give excellent agronomic advice without making a profit on a product that is being sold to the producer. If you do not have an independent crop consultant on your farm today, please feel free to look us up at and there will be one close to you in the state of Minnesota or surrounding states. There are many of us that are apart of the National Independent Crop Consultants Association that is also on our website.  

Best Regards,

Curt Burns -- President

Minnesota Independent Crop Consultants Association